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i think i've finally deciphered how lindsay lohan's artistic, perceptive judgments made this fabulous collection possible, a sure respective nod to the fabulousness that is emanuel ungaro. something along the lines of:

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i think the reason this collection turned out so well was because i had artistic, youthful input, you know? hearts are very young, happening and trendy, but also very underrated. like, i've never seen hearts ANYWHERE. so i've decided to put them EVERYWHERE...quirky, right? oh, and the patterns were so hard to come up with. but i drew inspiration from a very youthful and happening software called windows media player which shows these pretty spinnygraphics when i play cool, indie music, like. um. the beatles. cool, right?

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i know everyone expects me to be easy-to-read, a trainwreck, but nay, i say! i am a profound, stable young, successful woman! that's why i had glitter heart pasties on my models' foreheads! heart, over mind, you see? you see? u c what i did thar? it's a very emotional moment for me, actually.

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but really, to be fair, they had about 3 weeks to pull this off, estrella was new to the brand, lindsay is a talentless we'll cut them some slack. the above are my "favorites". the first, a half hearted attempt at keeping emanual ungaro alive in the collection, and the third, i thought, was pretty charming, but poorly executed. and the fourth would be delicious without the unnecessary sleeve.

"please stop talking to me."

Anonymous –   – (October 8, 2009 at 5:26 PM)  

hehe! She has the funniest face ever!

Liya  – (October 8, 2009 at 7:37 PM)  

ha this collection was awfulllll
but yeah, i say give estrella new time, and kick lindsay to the curb

thanks for stoppin by :)


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