when high fashion became more interesting than high school

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it's a lie when people say school only educates them academically, or at least for me, because when you're in a secondary school with more than 400 people, there's more to look at than what's in your textbook.
take fashion for example. of the many years i've been in an international school, where people can actually afford to buy LV bags and jimmy choos as they please, it's taught me a lot; like, money can buy you friends (but won't guarantee to last) or people sacrifice their preferences to what's popular. or the most important thing i've learnt, is that you can have all the money in the world, and still not - blatantly - good / fashionable / "bananas" (i love rachel zoe, just to put it out there).
money is an entity, and style is a skill. similarly, someone may have a wide range of vocabulary but not know how to write, or someone might be really good at photoshop and not know how to edit, or someone might look model material, but can't actually model (quite like that girl from this antm season, i forgot her name)

"fashion fades, only style remains the same."
- coco chanel


because he'll wear your favorite color just so he can match your eyes

hay future fiance, i will love you forever only if you propose to me with these babies, capiche?
also, what does everyone think about couple (as in, have yet to be married) rings?


i've got the gift of one liners and you've got

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(dress and hairband: http://www.chickdowntown.com/)

when i start college, i probably won't have time for parties or snooty dinners but GOSHDARNIT if i had this dress i'd wear it anywhere. i'd wear it to school, to sleep, to buy groceries, to swim, to the zoo.
and yeah sure, people will stare and ask me why i've got this miracle of a dress on when it's winter, and tell me my skin is turning blue and that i should go to the doctors, but again, GOSHDARNIT i'd be the most fashionable, sparkly person in the ward.


can't loosen up my buttons (but seriously)

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what's that you say? my buttons don't have a valid reason to be on this dress seeing as they aren't actually buttoning up anything, thus proving useless as opposed to something else less lovely than this?
hmph. WELL.


spot the difference:

it's okay, estrella. it's okay. the bad lady actress is gone now. you're safe.


smile like you mean it

girlfriend is not happy.

(miu miu spring 2010, from www.style.com)


confessions of a 23 year old leggings designing, drama and drug addicted d-list paparazzi whore.

i think i've finally deciphered how lindsay lohan's artistic, perceptive judgments made this fabulous collection possible, a sure respective nod to the fabulousness that is emanuel ungaro. something along the lines of:

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i think the reason this collection turned out so well was because i had artistic, youthful input, you know? hearts are very young, happening and trendy, but also very underrated. like, i've never seen hearts ANYWHERE. so i've decided to put them EVERYWHERE...quirky, right? oh, and the patterns were so hard to come up with. but i drew inspiration from a very youthful and happening software called windows media player which shows these pretty spinnygraphics when i play cool, indie music, like. um. the beatles. cool, right?

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i know everyone expects me to be easy-to-read, a trainwreck, but nay, i say! i am a profound, stable young, successful woman! that's why i had glitter heart pasties on my models' foreheads! heart, over mind, you see? you see? u c what i did thar? it's a very emotional moment for me, actually.

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but really, to be fair, they had about 3 weeks to pull this off, estrella was new to the brand, lindsay is a talentless wreck...so we'll cut them some slack. the above are my "favorites". the first, a half hearted attempt at keeping emanual ungaro alive in the collection, and the third, i thought, was pretty charming, but poorly executed. and the fourth would be delicious without the unnecessary sleeve.

"please stop talking to me."


you do get the best of both worlds, thanks hannah montana!

m: nice bag.
girl one: thanks, it's chanel, like, from paris.
m: didn't ask.

m: that's a nice bag.
girl two: it's so feshion!

oh, materialism and art, that's what my chinese parents warned me about.
oh michelle, why can't you play the piano or be an accountant or a dentist or something?


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